Heaven on Earth E-Book

Heaven on Earth E-Book
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Glory, the Daughter of God, carries the title of the Princess of Love, yet she has never experienced true love in the Earthly ways of humans. She lives in the Source, from whence we all came.

This story is a fast-moving account of the Daughter of God's escape from Heaven in search of true love in the material plane. Glory, the Princess of Love, merges with Ann, a slightly weird California girl. They become known as Glory Ann. Together they share a Hell-raising experience of life in the material plane.

Of course, Satan, one of Glory's siblings from the Source, who rules in a dimension of darkness in the material plane challenges Glory to her offense of breaking the Supreme Law of entering what he considers his, the material plane.

After reading this story you won't be able to say, "The Devil made me do it".

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